About Us

Hey babe!💗

Welcome to Lush Lemon’s official website! We hope that you find a few pieces that you love and feel beautiful in!

Lush Lemon is a brand new online clothing store that embraces everyone’s unique fashion sense and seeks to empower women through their stylistic choices because we firmly believe that one’s fashion sense embodies their true personality. Our Products are made with high-quality fabrics that guarantee durability, comfort, and style. Our Products are unique, sustainable, and super trendy!


Lush Lemon was started in the midst of a pandemic when all hope was lost and the uncertainty was unbearable. The birth of the brand produced hope and excitement in a time of affliction. Lush Lemon works hard at keeping up our personal motto of keeping YOU first because your unique aesthetic matters the most to us, so if you want to truly expand your style horizons and find clothes you never knew you would love, Lush Lemon is the store for you!

Stay chic! 💋


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